School Curriculum:


The Montessori method of teaching is used at Imaginations School. The Montessori method addresses children’s basic needs and allows them to naturally develop and make the most of their innate capabilities.

Montessori education is a multi-age, child-oriented method of education designed to assist children in their natural process of growth and development. Based on a profound respect for children, Montessori provides a structured environment for individual learning. The classrooms are prepared environments equipped with a full range of educational materials. Children’s natural curiosity leads to exploration and learning.


For the Primary Section, a rich blend of the British and Nigerian curriculum is used. This is to ensure the children have an international exposure whilst still staying true to their Nigerian roots. A lot of emphasis is placed on reading and the Jolly Phonics synthetic method used to teach Literacy encourages early reading by the children.


Our staff are qualified, enthusiastic, committed and experienced educators and mothers.


The staff in this section are motherly, caring and loving. As a matter of fact, all the caregivers in the Crèche are mothers and the staffing ratio is 1:4.


In the Nursery section, the staff are all and B.ed graduates with a wealth of experience from other reputable schools and the staffing ratio is 1:8.


In the Primary section, subject teachers are used and the teachers are all and E.ed graduates. There is also a class teacher, responsible for each class.

Health Policy:

Parents are advised to disclose their child’s health situation to us. In case of serious infectious illness, parents are expected to keep their children at home and give adequate treatment until the child is well again. A medical certificate of fitness from the doctors would be required before the child resumes. This is to minimize the risk of cross-infection of other children.

In the case of urgent medical attention however, Imaginations School is registered with Grace Springs Medical Centre, Ilupeju (very close to our premises) and any child would be taken there in cases of emergency. Any expense accruing from such treatment would however be borne by the parents.

There is also a matron as a full time member of staff to give first aid and attend to the medical requirements of the children.

There is also a sick-bay available for the children who need to rest for some time.