Parents are advised to disclose their child’s health status to us. In cases of infectious diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps, conjunctivitis and tuberculosis, the children should not be brought to school but taken to the hospital and kept at home until they fully recover. Cases of serious cough and catarrh should also be treated at home. A medical certificate of fitness from the doctors would be required before the child resumes. This is to minimize the risk of cross-infection of other children.

In the case of urgent medical attention however, Imaginations School is registered with

  • Nidus Aquilae Hospital formally known as (Grace Springs Medical Centre) off Sura Mogaji Street, Ilupeju.
  • Teju Specialist Hospital on Ilupeju bypass.
And any child would be taken there in cases of emergency. Any expense accruing from such treatment would however be borne by the parents.

There is also a matron as a full time member of staff to give first aid and attend to the medical requirements of the children.

There is also a sick-bay available for the children who need to rest for some time.