Extra-Curricular Activities:

For the all-round development of the children, extra – curricular activities are available for the children. Activities currently available for children in the Pre-School and Primary are Swimming, Martial Arts and Ballet.

Music is also being taught as a subject in Nursery 2 and the Primary classes and they are exposed to both the theory and the practical. We have a rich and robust orchestra and our children can compete favorably with their peers, anywhere in the country..

We also have Chess and Scrabble as part of the curriculum for the children. This is to develop their reasoning ability and whilst Chess is particularly useful in Mathematics, Scrabble is useful both in Mathematics and English as it also helps build the children’s vocabulary. The scrabble is only for the Primary pupils but Chess is introduced from Nursery 2, right through the primary classes.


We currently have several clubs for the children in Nursery 2 and the Primary classes. The clubs currently available are the Literary and Debating Club, the JETS club and the Cultural and Dramatic Club.

The Literary and Debating club enriches the children’s vocabulary and gives them the confidence to express themselves publicly.

The Cultural and Dramatic club helps them to showcase their talents and inner abilities. It also exposes them to more of the Nigerian culture and takes them “on an imaginative trip” to other foreign cultures.

The JETS club takes them beyond the classroom science and helps their analytical reasoning.

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