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IMAGINATIONS SCHOOL: Creche, Pre-School, Primary

We welcome you warmly to Imaginations School; we want to assure you that you have made the right decision for bringing your child here.
Choosing the right School care for a child is a very important decision for any parent, as they want the assurance that they have made the best possible choice for their children.

The parents want to be sure that the child is in a safe, secure and conducive environment where the child would be taken care of, just as if they were at home.
At Imaginations School, we provide excellent facilities for the all round development of the child. Each child receives individual attention that would enable them develop and grow at their own pace.

Imaginations School is therefore a School  that puts the parents mind at rest with a strong conviction that they have made the right choice for their child...Click Here to learn more about us.

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ENROLL YOUR KID TODAY: Our Admission Procedure

Enroll your kids today

  • Admission is given to all children above 6 weeks into the Creche.
  • Admission is given to all children into the Pre-school section from age 2 and Primary section from age 5, irrespective of tribe, colour or religion.
  • Application forms can be purchased from the School Office at a fee. Completed forms should be returned to the Head Teacher or Secretary with all the required documentation.
  • A once and for all Development Levy is charged at registration


Imaginations School is a Christian School. Children of other faiths are welcome but parents must consent to their being taught Christian values... Click Here to learn more about us.

Our Photo Gallery

Imaginations School - Excursion To Fun Factory, Lekki, Lagos Imaginations School Pupils, Busy At Work Excursion To Omu Resort, Lakowe, Lagos 2014 Graduation Karate Imaginations School 2014 Graduation Imaginations School Pupils, Busy At Work
Imaginations School Pupils Shine At An Inter-house Sports Event Imaginations School 2014 Mother's Day Celebration Imaginations School 2014 Graduating Pupils Imaginations School - At A Scrabble Competition Imaginations School 2014 Interhouse sports Pre-School Pupils Also Busy At Work

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